About Melissa:


Mel's story (in a nutshell)

Mel is definitely no stranger to weight loss. In 2009 through a serendipitous encounter with a gym, she began her journey of muddling through addiction issues, while reteaching herself how to like moving her body again after years of not doing so. Through these 10 years, she has lost 100#, stopped the cycle of drinking, and got herself out of bankruptcy, and was only able to do so with the help of others along the way, Now as a life coach, her intuitive yet no nonsense style helps you to face and conquer that which you didn't think you could, and rise through the concrete to emerge as the beautiful human you are!


What's in it for you??

Scheduling time for yourself is so important in today's busy lifestyle! That is why having a coach can help you with coping mechanisms, gaining mental strength, and above all, learning what self care looks like for YOU.

Facing mental and emotional blocks and learning how to navigate through that is what Melissa specializes in, and that is priceless!